How much could you save with Viega ProPress technology? Let's do the math.

Reduce your costs up to 60%.

Tell us about a typical project.

% of 1" or Larger Connections?
Less than 30%
Cost of Fittings
Cost of Consumables (solder, flux, fuel)
Total Connection Materials
Zip Code

What is Viega ProPress?

Viega ProPress is a clean, fast, efficient, less labor intensive alternative to solder pipe joining. Viega introduced press technology nearly 30 years ago and now more than one million Viega press fittings are installed every day around the world. Viega ProPress is available for copper and stainless steel.

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What Viega Adds

  • Profitability - Reduce your project's total labor costs up to 60%.
  • Peace of mind - Viega ProPress is guaranteed to last the life of the system.
  • Heritage of excellence - Proven quality since 1899 means you can trust us.
  • Trustworthy supply - Get the products you need when you need them.

What Viega Takes Away

  • Worry - Viega Smart Connect feature makes unpressed connections obvious during pressure testing.
  • Wasted Time - Skip the inconvenient wait time on fire watch and get more done.
  • Heavy Equipment - No more bulky machinery or welding tanks.
  • Messy Joining Materials - Keep your job site and your hands clean.
Corner Pipe Fitting
  • Sabina Testimonial Photo

    " Using Viega ProPress, we actually returned almost 20% of the $1.1 million project budget, which is rare for capital improvement projects without decreasing scope. "

    Sabina Pryce-Jones
    Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)

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  • Mike Testimonial Photo

    " One area that Viega ProPress helps is that it’s quicker from a labor standpoint. We don’t have to worry about a fire watch or burn permits which both cost money and take time. "

    Mike Wells
    Nelson Stark

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  • Daniel Testimonial Photo

    " We probably saved 50% of time over other systems. "

    Daniel Rourke
    Right Way Plumbing

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